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Location Photography Rentals

Own an interesting home? Let us promote it for location shoots for home style feature articles and ads, fashion catalogs, furnishing ads and catalogs, movie sites (want to be an extra?).

View our partner TWOSOME'S current regional listings with this link(TWOSOME)

We wish to acquaint you with an opportunity which will be of mutual benefit to you as well as to our clients. Our clients are national corporations who have asked us to locate homes in our region suitable as sites for ad photography for their fashions or furnishings which will appear in catalogues and magazines. We also do location scouting for motion pictures.

Our clients are primarily looking for appropriate house settings to do exterior, interior and sometimes garden shoots. These include period houses as well as contemporary houses. Houses may be large although smaller ones are used too. They may be elegant or simple, in finished or restored condition or "shabby chic" depending on client's needs. Recently, for example, our client, Pottery Barn, used two homes in Columbia County to photograph home furnishings for their next catalog.

Each owner earned between $1000 and $3000 per day for five days depending on how much of the house was utilized. The client provided each owner with a certificate of insurance, moved existing furnishings carefully and returned the houses to its original grade and condition at the end of the shoot as if no one had been there. Both clients were pleased with the experience and the extra income. Some clients request to repaint walls and trim in which case they return the room to its original colors (unless the owner prefers the new colors).

We believe that your home may have qualities which are appropriate for location photography. We will be pleased to visit your home to discuss our services and, if you are interested and your house is appropriate for client needs, list your property, take photographs and record site information. We will then put together a presentation for our clients who will select sites to visit for a final choice and discussion with the owner about what the client wishes to do.

Michele Saunders is the founder of Twosome Inc, a production company for photographic shoots. Twosome Inc. has been active throughout the country and abroad for thirty years. Clients have included: Revlon, Macys, Mercedes Benz, Bloomingdales, Verizon, AT&T, and many others.

Twosome, Inc. is now developing this location service as part of the company's services. As Michele Saunders has a house in the upper Hudson River Valley and therefore it is convenient to have property listings in this region.

Roderic Blackburn, architectural historian, noted author, and real estate broker (R. H. Blackburn & Associates) joins this partnership to identify distinctive homes in the upper Hudson Valley. He has also assisted motion picture producers with location scouting in the Hudson River Valley. Several of his past and present real estate clients have listed their homes with Twosome, Inc.

Would you like to know more? Call or email either Michele Saunders (518 945-1010) mstwosome@aol.com) or Rod Blackburn (518 758-1788 rod@rhblackburn.com

View TWOSOME'S current regional listings with this link (TWOSOME).

See and print forms for Location Listing Agreement and Location Owner Contract.

Photoshoot Location Rentals

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