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About Our Company

Columbia County, NY, the R. H. Blackburn & Associates Real Estate's mission is to find the best homes or distinctive landscapes in the upper Hudson River Valley. Our clients are owners who are moving on and buyers who are moving in. We handle all kinds of property (residential, land, commercial) but are most widely acknowledged for our expertise in period houses and for identifying land which can be developed into distinctive landscapes for period style new homes.

What you care about...we care about. Do you have a vision of country living, privacy, protection, preservation, and planning? Is a home an extension of yourself, your lifestyle? Is a landscape your canvas for creative garden and home design? Wonder about reliable craftsmen, builders, restorers, renovators, fixers, designers, maintainers, managers? Concerned about cultural amenities, congenial neighbors, convenient services?

Real estate brokers don't have to be concerned about all these issues but they are important to you and that is why they are important to us. Our staff and associates are especially knowledgeable about these concerns and will go the extra mile to find your way to the end of your rainbow. Here is what we do that others don't .

From our experience knowledge pays you back more than it costs. Want to know more?

See our publications: frequent articles on historic houses in The Magazine Antiques, the recent Rizzoli architectural book Dutch Colonial Homes in America and A Visible Heritage, Columbia County, New York - A History in Art and Architecture. We are currently working on two books on historic houses of New England (Rizzoli). We keep copies of these books and many others of local interest in our office, for sale.

We wish to let you know about associated services offered by individuals who we have come to rely on for knowledge and professionalism. For example, Ruth Piwonka is a historian who has published widely on regional history. Her research on houses has resulted in many properties and districts being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. She is co-author with Rod Blackburn of A Visible Heritage, your guide to the history, art, and architecture of Columbia County Want to know the history of your property? Ask Ruth Piwonka at 518 758-7056, rpiwonka@nycap.rr.com

Need the names of other specialists and craftsmen? We have a database of over 1000 in and around Columbia County, one of our valuable resources exclusively for our clients.

The Staff

All of us at R. H. Blackburn & Associates will be pleased to talk with you about your interests in homes, land, history, architecture, design, house valuation, or the like.

Our main office at 17 Broad Street, Kinderhook, Columbia County NY is open (unless we are out on call) each day from about 10am to 5pm or by appointment. Branch offices in Hudson, Catskill and Athens are by appointment

Roderic Blackburn has been involved with historic architecture and house restoration for 25 years, advising buyers and sellers of period houses. He is a regular contributor of historic house articles to The Magazine Antiques and is co-author of A Visible Heritage, the much reprinted history of Columbia County as experienced through its art and architecture. His most recent book is Dutch Colonial Homes in America (Rizzoli). He has been an officer and trustee of the Columbia County Historical Society and the Shaker Museum, advisory board of the Thomas Cole House Museum, in charge of creating the Johnson Museum in Kingston, assistant director of the Albany Institute of History and Art, and senior research fellow of the New York State Museum. He now brings these experiences to R. H. Blackburn and Associates, Inc - Real Estate, specializing in period houses and distinctive landscapes.

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